Escape! Side Story – Kai and Coffee

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Escape! Side Story – Kai and Coffee




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Escape! – Three


Title: Escape! – Three

Escape! – One | Escape! – Two

Author: KAILLIANT | Genre: Life-learning, Friendship, Fluffy romance |

Rating: PG-15 | Casts: EXO K Kim Jongin as Kim Jongin, IU as Shin Ji Eun F(x) Krystal as Jung Soo Jung |


Plot is mine. Do not take the picture or plot without my permission and full credit.


Previous Chapter :

Ayah, Ibu, bagaimana kalian? Kuharap kalian tetap sehat.

Pak Lee, apa kabarmu? Kuharap kau masih sehat dan bisa mengurus Monggu di rumah dengan baik. Jangan biarkan dia mengotori pianoku lagi!

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The Queen of Punch

The Queen of Punch

An EXO Fanfiction by KAILLIANT

Cast : Choi Sulli and Park Chanyeol | Genre : Fluffy | Rating : PG

Note : My very-very-very old fanfic on 2012. I really do not have a time- even a second to write but edit. Hope you enjoy it!


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2nd Winner : Peterella (and My Self Note)

brilTitle : Peterella | Author : Kailliant| Casts : Lee Hi as Hayi, SHINee Taemin as Taemin | Theme : Requiem for a Tower | Rating : almost PG-17 | Genre : Mystery, Fluffy | Length : 2298 words | Link Video Teaser :

I’ve made the cover but forget where the folder is 😦


Author’s note : Jangan lupa baca note di akhir cerita ya 🙂

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